April 8th, 2021

Rink Operations: 

  • Arrive max 15 min before the on-ice activity
  • Leave max 15 after the event
  • Temperature check upon arrival.
  • Follow arrows throughout the rink
  • Enter/exit by dog park /mall security doors
  • No showers will be available
  • No fans or spectators
  • No spitting or snot rockets
  • Max 2 capacity in the bathroom (no two people in a urinal)
  • Dress behind benches and in locker rooms (5 max cap. Per locker room)
  • Use social distancing within the facility at all times
  • Mask is required during all times within the facility.
  • No physical contact, poke checks, and stick lifts are ok.
  • Spread out on new extended benches.

Staff is cleaning all common use areas every hour and monitoring social distancing and masks throughout the facility.