Youth Hockey Summer Season Groups Registration

Youth Hockey Summer Season Groups Registration2020-07-03T23:14:13+00:00

Please use the information below to sign up for the skill group. BY REGISTERING FOR THE SKILL GROUPS YOU ARE COMMITTING TO THE SEASON.

A Level- Second year in age group who can confidently skate the puck up the ice and often is scoring/giving assists.
B Level- Second year in age group who understands the game and does their best to be involved in the play
C Level -First or second year who can move the puck and periodically is with the play but sometimes it out of position and is still learning the game
D Level- First-year player who is getting their first experience playing on a team and is coming for the Hockey Academy or Learn to play.

Please see the notes below for some information regarding the formatting

-The player must arrive at the rink fully dressed ready to play.
-All players and coaches will be wearing masks on the ice.
-Players will be assigned to specific groups A,B,C,D and will stay with the group on and off the ice for practices and games.
-Games on the weekend will be mini-games that consist of 3 on 3 and 4 on 4 with two goalies or shooting targets.
-Practices will be focused on individual skill developments meaning no standing around.