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Located in the newly renovated landmark of UTC Westfield Mall of La Jolla, California, UTC ICE Sports Center has provided a remarkable social attraction for over 30 years. With over 12,000,000 people visiting Westfield Shopping Center on annual basis, UTC ICE expertly captivates a year-round clientele. With a strong Figure Skating and Hockey Academy, it is the home of National ranked figure skaters and the fierce Piranha Youth and Adult Hockey League.

With such a noteworthy amount of foot traffic within the mall, your advertisement has an incredible amount of exposure within UTC ICE. Being in the close vicinity of schools and downtown La Jolla, there is no other place like it. We work with local businesses to ensure the ad is targeted toward our target market.

Rink dasher boards are visible from the food court at all times!

Purchase of advertisements includes all cost of material and labor. Design of ad is required by the purchaser which is approved by UTC ICE Management for print.

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Dasher Board Ads

– Each board is 24’ wide by 2 1/2’ tall  and is placed behind polycarbonate panels.

Zamboni Ad

– The infamous Zamboni is wrapped in design of your choice. Customers notice your ad with every Zamboni cut and viewed in the future when they look at pictures from their ice skating experience.


-Two year commitment

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