UTC Ice Sports Center is now offering extraordinary fundraising opportunity for your organization! In a nutshell: When you sell admission tickets for our public session, we will give you a check for a portion of the sales. Our ticket prices are $25 (this includes admission and skate rental). If you sell 10 to 49 tickets, you will receive $5 for every ticket sold. If you sell 50 to 99 tickets, you will receive $6 for every ticket, and if you sell over 100 tickets you will receive $7 for every ticket. For example: If you sell 500 tickets, we will cut a check to your organization for $3,500.Here are the details:

NOTE: Due to November and December public traffic we will not be having any fundraising events for these months. Small groups are welcome to book through our Public Skating page and save $5 on admission if they book 24 hours in advance. 

1. Fill out the on-line fundraiser reservation form.
2. We will set up a payment link that will incorporate all of the details of your organization’s fundraiser, as well as your mission statement.
3. You will market the link to all your contacts.
4. Your contacts will purchase tickets on-line.
5. You will receive a report each time someone buys a ticket.
6. When the fundraiser is over, we will send a check to your organization within 3 business days.


Past Fundraisers

Sassafras raised  $1,000 for the special Olympics

UTC Ice and Sasssfras raise $1,000 for the Special Olympics

“Dear Joe and Irina, today was a pivotal point in our quest to raise $4500 for the Special Olympics!  I truly feel that the “FUNdraising” event at your (OUR) rink not only gave our efforts a great monetary “kick-start”, but it brought my dance troupe together in the knowledge that together, we can accomplish GREAT THINGS for the GREATER GOOD! You two and your staff are an inspiration and a blessing, and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts! The girls and the whole school had a BLAST!!! I was so proud to tell all our guests that UTC ICE is where we spend every Saturday learning about and enjoying all that the sport of ice skating has to offer! We wish you continued success with this amazing endeavor!With great respect and admiration,Lisa Sullivan and Sassafras”

“Such a fun Family FUNraiser for us – we appreciate your time and donation!”

Staci Torgeson
Spreckels Elementary PTA
Raised $260

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