Ice Polo

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The purpose of ice polo is to score goals against the opposing team, much like ice hockey.   Each unit consists of two participants. One acting as the pony (Pusher) and the other player who is sitting on the pony (Whacker). The game can be played 3 on 3 units up to 6 on 6 units. Since the game is fast paced and requires a lot of energy the Whacker and Pushers can rotate between each position. It is also recommended that each unit carries more than two players so that each unit has pushers who are rotating in and out.

  • Whacker (player with the stick) must be seated on the seal all times.
  • Pusher must have two hands on the seal at all times.
  • Whacker may not swing the stick above their knees.
  • Pusher may kick the ball up to the whacker, but can’t kick the ball down the ice or score.
  • No goalies. (Players can defend the goal)
  • Switch pushers and whackers at 5 min mark of each period.
  • No Collisions with the seals.
  • 12 to 48 players can play.

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Only $375/hour – 12 to 48 players


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