Specialty Classes


Beginning Spin Class: Tuesdays 5:10pm, Thursdays 5:10pm, Saturdays 11:15am

A class to develop and strengthen beginning spin techniques for the Basic 8 to Freeskate 5 skaters.


Beginning Footwork: Saturdays: 11:15am

For skaters in Freeskate 1 and up, this class provides a basic introduction on how to properly execute steps and turns in a sequence. Skaters will enjoy learning various moves including 3-Turns, Mohawks, Toe-Steps, Running-Steps, and Swing-Rolls. This is a great way to enhance their program performance for both   recreational and competitive ISI/USFS skaters!


Advanced Footwork: Saturdays: 11:15am

For more advanced skaters from Freeskate 6 and up, this class further improves their understanding of turn accuracy, axis, body alignment, edge quality, and bilateral movement while improving the quality and performance of step   sequences. Learning unique transitions such as Spread Eagles, Ina Bauers,   Lunges, Pivots, and Spirals, enhance a step sequence that is not only fun to skate, but exciting to watch!


Creative Movement: Beginner (Basic 3-7) Saturdays 11:45am
Advanced (Basic 8 and
↑) Saturdays 12:45pm

Considering competition? Are you ready for some fun? Creative movement is a class exclusively for skaters to learn how to interpret music through simple routines. Take the skills you have learned in your technical class and combine them with music for a fun way to prepare for performances or competitions.


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