Specialty Classes

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Spin Classes

Class Level Requirements:
Beginning Spin: Pre Freeskate to Freeskate 5
A class to develop the fundamental skills of basic spin positions.

Advanced Spin: Freeskate 6 and ↑
This class teaches the mechanics of advanced spin positions with an emphasis on IJS rules and expectations. Skaters at the competitive level are encouraged to use this class to further improve their program spins.

Jump Classes

Double Jump – Tuesdays at 4:40pm
Skaters must have landed their Axel to register for this class. This class will emphasize double jump technique. Skaters at the competitive level are encouraged to take this class to drill jumps in their programs.

Axel and Double Jump Harness- Wednesdays at 5:40pm
For skaters who have started their Axel with their private lesson coach and for skaters who are looking for more practice time on their double jumps. Harness work will be provided.

Saturday Jump Class Pre-Requisites

Axel Prep – Saturdays at 9:05am; Off Ice class – Coach recommendation
Skaters must be in/have passed Freeskate 6 to register along with a coach recommendation. Skaters will learn the Axel technique in this class by learning rotational exercises in an off ice class setting.

Axel Dynamics – Saturdays at 10:05am; Coach recommendation
Skaters must have taken Axel Prep and have received clearance from their class instructor to register. This class emphasizes Axel technique by providing instruction on specific exercises and harness work.

Double Jump Development – Saturdays at 9:05am; Coach recommendation
Skaters must have taken Axel Dynamics and have landed their Axel to register. This class emphasizes the beginning techniques of the first few double jumps (Sal Chow and Toe Loop) by providing instruction on drills and harness work.

Advanced Double Jump – Saturdays at 9:35am; Coach recommendation
Skaters must be at the Pre-Preliminary level or higher. This class emphasizes technique on jumps in competition programs such as double-double combinations up to beginning Double Axel.

Advanced Footwork

Saturdays: 11:15am
For more advanced skaters from Freeskate 6 and up, this class further improves their understanding of turn accuracy, axis, body alignment, edge quality, and bilateral movement while improving the quality and performance of step   sequences. Learning unique transitions such as Spread Eagles, Ina Bauers,   Lunges, Pivots, and Spirals, enhance a step sequence that is not only fun to skate, but exciting to watch!

Creative Movement

Beginner (Basic 3-6) Saturdays 11:45am
Advanced (Pre Freeskate and ↑) Saturdays 12:45pm
Considering competition? Are you ready for some fun? Creative movement is a class exclusively for skaters to learn how to interpret music through simple routines. Take the skills you have learned in your technical class and combine them with music for a fun way to prepare for performances or competitions.

Introduction to skating skills.

(Pre Freeskate and ↑)
This class emphasizes each of the four Moves in the Field focuses: power, edge quality, extension or line, and quickness or preciseness of skating movement. These Moves in the Field include compulsory elements in figures and types of turns. This class will be used to improve free skating skills and to help skaters gain an understanding on turn and edge quality, balance, use of blade, control of body rotation, and practicing elements that are done on both sides of the body and in both directions.


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