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A Word from the GM


Genera Manager and Youth Hockey Director

We in full summer swing here at UTC Ice. The hockey and figure skating camps are a big hit! The Adult and Youth hockey leagues are half way through their summer season. Fourth of July is here and we can’t wait to get some sun and bar-b-qued burgers in our bellies! Remember there are no Classes the week of July 4th!!! Have fun and be safe on this always fantastic holiday!!!


Piranha Hockey


The Piranha teams were welcomed back into the Metro hockey league this season and it has been awesome to see how well our teams are doing. Every game, win or lose, has been a great battle and fun to watch. In fact our Mini Mites continue to dominate the other rinks. We have a lot of young talent at UTC Ice and we the coaching staff are really enjoying developing their skills.

Tournament Hockey

Our Mite B Tournament Team coached by Ray Rosik and Scott Smeltzer  took the Bronze medal at the Stars and Stripes Memorial Day Tournament at Escondido Iceoplex and WON the Mite B skills Competition!!! Congratulations Mites!

A special congrats to Andrew Smeltzer who placed fourth in the fastest skater competition, Jacob Shaull who placed 2nd in the target shooting division, Leo Bilic who placed 1st overall in the breakaway division scoring 7 goals and Nick Zemljic who won the best goalie competition with 17 saves!!!

UTC Ice is looking forward to having 2 Tournament Teams this fall, a Mite and Squirt. We still have a few spots open on both teams, but there is interest from players at other rinks coming back to UTC Ice, so before they’re gone contact Matt Smith if you are interested. 858-452-9110.

Check out the link to see all the Stars and Stripes Tournament Photos. Thanks John Shaull for taking the photos and posting them!!!

Click Here


Hockey Summer Camp

Our Hockey Summer Camp has been awesome!!! Thanks to coach Tim Paden for doing a great job with our young players. We can see this camp will be a huge hit as we grow. There is nothing else like it in San Diego.

The camp runs from 9am to 4pm. Snacks are included and lunch is provided by Tender Greens. Every day the kids get a 40min skill lesson with Coach Tim or Power Skating with Coach Matt Smith. There is a hockey movie then road hockey or soccer as well as a hockey specific workout, then an on ice mini game and some free time at the end of the day to skate.

Let’s just say by week’s end the kids are worn out and had a great time.


Hockey Academy

Our Youth Hockey Academy is off the hook. It’s the middle of summer and we have at least 30 kids every Saturday learning the ways of the game. If the popularity keeps up and we know it will, we’ll need more space on the ice to expand.  Almost all of our Piranha hockey teams have developed from this program.

As we go into the new season mid September many of our Academy kids will be invited onto our Mini Mite and Mite teams. The fundamentals are vital and UTC Ice takes them very seriously. That’s why we have the best hockey development program in the city of San Diego!!!


Special Needs Hockey

UTC Ice is proud to be a part of the first and only Special Needs Hockey Program in San Diego. Thanks to Lisa Granet and her family for starting and organizing the inspirational program. Also a special thanks to Teri O’Brien and Mike Laplante, the two attorneys from The Paul Hasting Firm that put together the non-profit 501c pro bono. We would also like to thanks Craig Miller and his family for generous donation as well as the Anaheim Ducks for their financial contribution.

We’d like to update everyone on the program. Every Saturday at after our Hockey Academy our special needs prospective players take to the ice for their half hour skating lesson. Our generous coaching staff including Brandon Francisco, Tim Paden, Ian St. Luis, Logan Monje, Isaiah Granet and Matt Smith donate their time to develop the Special needs player’s skills. Right now we are concentrating on developing skating skills although a few of the players have picked up a hockey stick. For the majority of the participants our hope is in a few months we’ll be able to put sticks in their hands too. It will take time and dedication from everyone, but with the enthusiasm and response we are receiving, we know this will be a big hit for our special needs players. UTC Ice is very excited about giving back to the San Diego community in the best way we know how, HOCKEY!!!


Figure Skating

Director’s Corner


Brittney Olson

Figure Skating and Synchro Director

It’s 4th of July week so we will not be holding any Skating Academy classes on Wednesday 7/3, Thursday 7/4, or Saturday 7/6. Remember this is one of the four weeks that we do not hold classes each year as stated in the contract, and there are no make-ups for this week. We will have Freestyle Sessions in the mornings and Extended Public Sessions each day. Check the home page for the schedule and come in to practice all of your awesome moves! Enjoy the holiday and have fun watching fireworks!!!

Skating Camp!!!

Our skaters are getting amazing training and great workouts in the Advanced Camp. The Off Ice schedule is Monday – Hip Hop, Tuesday – Stretching, Wednesday – Strength, and Thursday – Ballet, with none on Fridays. Remember we offer this camp on a weekly or daily basis, or you can drop in to individual freestyles or classes.


Jr. Camp has finished the Beach and Sports weeks with tons of fun! Our kids have made awesome crafts and played games. They learn new skating skills and at the end of each week they get to perform a recital for parents and everyone on public session! Join us for this weekly camp for beginners through Gamma level skaters. No experience is necessary.

Skate By the Sea

The best competition in Southern California is right here at UTC Ice! Skate By the Sea will be August 16-18th only minutes from the beach. The entry deadline is July 6th so get those applications in and don’t miss out!

Skating Academy Buttons and Class Advancement

All members of our Skating Academy should wear their button to each class. This is how we track your progress and know when you are ready to move up. Once you have mastered a skill the coach will place a sticker next to that move on the button. When the button is full, you will return the next week to the same class and be tested during that class and receive a certificate of achievement and new button. Then, the following week you will come to the new class. Remember, it is your responsibility to keep track of your button and there is a ten-dollar replacement fee. The more you practice the faster you will move up so come in and utilized the public sessions that are included in your membership. Practice hard and have fun!

Tour the World Ice Show Photo CDs


The photo CDs are here! If you ordered one please come and pick it up in the box office. If you have not ordered one yet we have them on sale for twenty-five dollars. There are hundreds of photos on the CD with groups, and action shots. Get yours today!

Epic Edge


We are gearing up for the season and getting ready for choreography week next month. Our summer training is going well and we have had some special guests at our Monday night off ice training. A University of San Diego football player and a Mesa College baseball player we with us last week. We have learned that working out with football players is hard but rewarding!

If you are interested in Epic Edge we still have a few spots available for this season. Please contact Coach Brittney Olson at brittney.olson@epic-edge.org or Team Manager Gina Williams at gwillia7@san.rr.com

Adult Hockey


Mike Duffey

Adult Hockey Director

Copper/Bronze Division

                June 23 –

Jaguars vs. Knights

                These two teams are going into rivalry! Robert Koening is a power defenseman who knows how to bury the puck! Robert had three goals scored this game. Glen Churry also had a great goal! Top shelving the puck in the upper right hand corner, Nick Nasirpour (goal tender), ex-Jaguars youth player, had a great game, with over twenty shots on goal and only letting one goal in from Knights player Joel Johnstone. Joel’s goal was assisted by old ex-teammate Rick Selby who both won a Silver Championship on the Wednesday night Shooters team.

Piranhas vs. Mantuary Monks

                Eric Raimo came out strong and scored the first goal of the game that was assisted by Eric Harrington. Rjay Abad came back and scored on goal tender Tyler Klee, Rjay had one goal and one assist.  Josh Dexter scored the Monks’ goal. No one was going to stop Captain Brian Veitch’s team because Piranhas had a difficult time scoring against defenseman Scott Parry  who had two nice assists. But the greatest goal of the game was watching Kurt Sullivan bent a Monks defenseman and go in and score. Great job Kurt!!

Illumina vs. Pfizer Fury

                Deron Covington from Native Anchorage Alaska, used his roller hockey skills to score a ‘Hat Trick’ in this game tonight. Kristen Muranyl (who has a PGA coaching card) had two great goals and an assist. Kristen also had a nice goal in the Beerfine game. Mary Wasylkin stole the puck from Pfizer defenseman and buried the puck; also scoring for Illumina was Jesse White, both unassisted goals.  Illumina is in their first season and has made significant improvement in their individual and team play. They are constantly improving their skill level and truly enjoy the fast pace of hockey.

Beerfine vs. Massfits

                Boy was this a fast game! There was great goal tending by Dan Monahan (Beerfine) and Brian Berset (Massfits). Jeff Fochs came down the left side of the ice, cuts back and lets go to a snapshot that gives Beerfine their first goal. Chris lang, who recently has been playing high lvel club hockey in Colorado college is back for the summer! Lang had two assist in the game by working hard in the corners. Erwin Myers had a great goal from point one. But Boston Native, Craig Willey is their workhorse. With two goals to beat Massfits 4-1. Eric Hanson got one goal, assisted by Jake Surber and Dan Brooker.



Arrogant Ale vs. Jaguar Bronze

                The soft hands of a big man is Tim Cerimele (Jaguars) who has had a four point game (two goals and two assists). Another powerful forward is John Riley who had two goals in the second period. John plans on playing for the SDSU College Club Team this fall. John is a Connecticut native. John O’Brien had two helpers in this game. The Jaguars are undefeated this season with strong goal tending by Ryan Walker. Arrogant bastard Jamie Dambois gave two nice passes in the game. Kevin Sweeney (Arrogant Ale) scored the first goal for his team assisted from Tim Pfawenstein.

Thundering Herd vs. BlackHawks

                Joey Galeno (Blackhawks Winger) ex-San Diego Gulls Player, has more speed out on the ice than any other player. Joey came out with two goals and two assists with shots also going off the pipes. Hank or Henrik Sagfossen (Norway Native) and UCSD student, scored a hat trick with one assist. Unfortunately that is Hanks last game in Sunday leagues. He has been an asset to UTC Ice by playing hard and is friendly off the ice. This game went back and forth, and ended in a 7 – 7 tie game.

Stemedica vs. Ospreys

                Stemedica Derek Howe scored two goals back to back in the second period. Derek has lots of speed, good hands, and is a clean player with sportsmanship. His  dad Roger Howe is almost 70 years old and plays twice a week! His dad Roger will be turning 70 this year yet still plays like a young whippersnapper. Greg Pinz with Ospreys scored one goal and had one assist. Dave Stankatis who everyone knows as “Stan”. This Montreal native scored a goal in the first period assisted by Greg Pinz and Nathan Clookie. Stemedica player Drew SChoentrup ended up with one goal, and three assists. Captain Randy Gerson had two assists

Silver Division

Senators vs. Pylons

On Tuesday June 18, 2013 Senators played Pylons in a very intense game with Pylons winning 4-3. Doug Frost scored the game winning goal by slamming a rebound goal assisted by Paul Smigliana (defenseman) and Raudall Hoy. Senators forward #5 Mike Grimsuckas scored two goals. John Jacobs senator forward had three assists.

Contra vs. Iceotopes

Next night, Wednesday, June 19, 2013 Contra brought their “A” game with captain Dorothy Klein leading their squard into a contender for the cup with a 8 – 3 record. They came out strong in the first period with four players: Scott Parry, Joely Gakino, Joel Akamine, Mark Kester.  Jonathan Cox had strong goal tending with Captain Tom Scutti scoring the lone goal for the Iceotopes.



Rangers vs. Crimson Guard

Rangers came out strong, scoring four goals in the period against Crimson Guard. Strong goal tending by Noah Stevens has placed this team in 1st place with a 10 – 1 record. Roger Howe who is almost 70 years old, scored two goals, finishing the game with a 6 – 1 victory against Crimson Guard. Ben Theule also had two goals and one assist for the Ranger Defenseman.

Animals vs. Barnacles

The Animals have had a slow start but don’t count the two time defending champions out just yet! Huge forward, Tim Cerimele, scored top self to tie the game 1 – 1. The game went back and forth, two very good teams that both challenge each other well! Justin Cox tied the game 3 – 3 with a wrist shot in the bottom corner of the net. Both goalies, Ryan Walker and Kevin Mattson did an excellent job at defending their goal but at the end, Aussie Peter Zemijic scored the game winning goal for the 4 – 3 victory. The Barnacles have started out slow as well but have been back on track.

The Shooters captain Gideon Prior has put together an outstanding team in our Silver Division. They are a high scoring team with a record of 8 – 1 – 1. Henrik Sagfossen from Norway (UCSD Student) and Mike Milner (defenseman) are strong, high scoring players have been a great addition to the team. Goal tender, Jeff Ramsey, has been keeping his ‘goals against’ down. 

The Russian connect Pavel Sudakov scores a great goal with Dimitri Yekhilevsky and Zack Higson  to assist and take the lead 1 – 0. Then, with 1:09 left in the game, Scott Gauner passes it to Captain Russ Flynn who then makes a great pass across to Nish Mehta and finishes it by flying the puck into the net; ending the game in a tie 1 – 1.

Gold Division

Bison vs. Jaguars            

Monday,  June 17, 2013 Bison captains Peter Dursi ordered new jersey’s three weeks ago and is since 3 – 0 with the yellow and black jerseys! Forward Ryan Conroy had two goals and two assists in a great 7 – 5 game. Goal tender Mike McKennet had tons of clutch saves for the Jaguars.

Gladiators vs. Project Mayhem

Gladiators Captain Randy Gerson has put together a fast, excellent passing and defending team. You have to be ready to play because they are all over the ice. Scott Chiaradonna had two goals in a 10 – 5 victory over Project Mayhem. Speedy Gonzalez had two goals and two assists.

                Captain Matthew Bucciero (name name Turbo) is so full of energy on and off the ice that teammate Ryan Conger nick named him Turbo. Ex-San Diego State player Bobby Baker had one goal and two assists in a 5 – 2 victory over Shake N Bake. Joey Benson had a great wrist shot to score a goal for Shake N Bake; Paul Downes also scored for Shake N Bake.

Platinum Division

                Kadan just came off a great win against the Rangers but they could not hold off four time platinum Captain Marty Stratte. Who works so hard in making a great team; full of ex-SDSU players. However, do not count out Kadan who has an old goalie Chris Heaney! In this game Maple Leafs forward Anthony Sansone scored two goals and two assists with a team that will not stop! They keep moving the puck so quick, it is in the back of the net before you know it. This league is one speed; turbo speed! Josh Allen who helps coach the Adult Clinic scored two goals in the game and Vince Ciolino (offensive/defenseman ex-SDSU player)  scored three goals with one assist.

Thursday June 20, 2013

Rangers vs. Shetbirds

Captain Peter Vogel (GM of the Year) has been working hard on making a great team. Ranger player, Mike Spunt, whose ex-team mate CJ used to play with Rangers and is an ex-Jaguar. We also added Jake Laurie who has been getting 3 points a game with Speedy Gonzales (USA Roller Hockey Gold Medal). Gusty Denis has been great in the net! Shetbirds player Jordan Jur (ex-University of Arizona) scored two goals and had one assist. Mike Parker for Shetbirds also scored one goal and had three assists with tough goal tending by Doug Irwin (CIF Roller Hockey Champion)

Eskimo Bros/Johnson Effect vs. Coyotes

                Coyotes just came off a great win last week against Shetbirds, but the week Joe Schweiger had different thinking in this game. Joe is an ex-Division 1 All-American at Eastern Michigan then he went on to play at ASU. Joe had four goals and one assist. Captain John Jacobski had one goal and six assists; Tom has a bunch of players from Syracuse that’s why you see lots of orange! You will see defenseman Adam Hout who played in USHL Quad City, he has been a great asset to the youth program. Andrew Brode had one goal and one assist for the Coyotes.